celebrating 75 years of freedom

On 6th June 2019, it is exactly 75 years ago that hundreds of thousands of young men and women landed on the coast of Normandy in France. On that day, known as “D-Day”, they arrived from twelve different countries, prepared to give their lives for peace and freedom. Many of the American, British, Canadian, French, but also Polish and Dutch soldiers lost their lives, but they made sure that D-Day was the start of the liberation of Europe and the fall of the Nazi dictatorship.Now, 75 years later, we want to celebrate the liberation of Europe and the end of the Second World War with two captivating Liberty Concerts.

Freedom Fighters

Besides celebrating our freedom, there is a larger goal to the Liberty Concert. Under the motto ‘Fight for Freedom’ we call on millions of young people to stand up for peace, democracy, inclusive societies and optimism.

Liberty Concerts, Liberty Talks, global campaigning and TV programmes provide excellent opportunities to touch, in particular, the hearts of young people. Inspiring them to register as new Freedom Fighters. To safeguard and develop peace and freedom, thousands of new volunteers are needed for organisations such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Red Cross, MasterPeace and also for positions within the fire department, neighbourhood watch schemes, food banks and language training for former refugees.