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Planning for D-Day memorial in development
Information on the programming for 75th anniversary of D-Day memorial

On 6 June 2019, it has been exactly 75 years since hundreds of thousands of young men and women stepped onto the shores of Normandy in France. On that day, also known as D-Day, they arrived from twelve different countries, prepared to give their lives for peace. Many of the American, British, Canadian, French, Poland, the Netherlands and other allied nations sacrificed their lives for freedom and peace. With its project, Liberty Concert aims to honour and remember the courage and spirit of veterans by involving the new generations to ensure their heritage will also be remembered in the future. The memorial will be shaped in the only way it should: for and with veterans.

In order to pay the best possible tribute to the 75th D-Day anniversary memorial, Liberty Concerts has worked closely with veterans and numerous related organizations on carefully exploring the possibilities. The common goal is to show respect for the courage exhibited by veterans 75 years ago and extend their effort to the future. 

Liberty Concerts looked into many ideas for this. This is how Liberty Talks and other program components were created. Components where people will be called to engage, be active, support freedom and peace in society today. 

Liberty Concerts also continuously addresses whom and what should be commemorated, where it should take place, and the best way to do it. 

The initial idea was to organize a memorial-concert on Sword beach in Normandy on 6 June. 
This was discussed with many partners. When this idea was published a group of main British veterans and their relatives advised against this option as despite the project’s good intentions the location remains too sensitive. Liberty Concerts has taken these concerns to heart and evolved their plans towards organizing the main concert on an alternative location away from the beach, while maintaining the core-goal and message of a tribute to our veterans and activating current generations with their message. 

Liberty Concerts strives to create a memorial “for veterans, by veterans” and the appropriate format will be selected for it. Michiel Florusse of Liberty Concerts: “A topic such as a memorial, which affects so many, requires careful coordination with a broad group of stakeholders. It is crucial that everyone involved can see themselves in the approach. We actively use the wishes and opportunities of veterans as our point of reference and what they want has therefore guided us to adapt our interpretation.”

Currently, the new plans are in development and they will be shared by Liberty Concerts as soon as more information is available.
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Am 8. Mai 2020 wird es genau 75 Jahre her sein, seit die Armeen der USA, des Vereinigten Königreiches, Frankreichs, Deutschlands und der Sowjetunion das Ende des 2. Weltkrieges besiegelten. Liberty Concert Berlin wird diesen historischen Moment mit Auftritten internationaler Künstler aus allen beteiligten Nationen ehren. Das wird ein Friedensfest und ein Aufruf zur Schaffung einer offenen, inklusiven Gesellschaft sein! Deshalb werden auch Künstler mit syrischem, afrikanischem und türkischem Hintergrund auf der Bühne sein. Abends werden die Top-DJs der Welt das Liberty Concert in eine berauschende Feier der Gemeinsamkeit verwandeln.