Liberty Concerts, Liberty Talks and Fight for Freedom Campaign are organized by the non-profit foundation Peace de Resistance. This foundation collaborates with the “75 Years Freedom Foundation” and Liberation Route Europe. All events are highlights of the international ‘Europe Remembers’ campaign in 2019-2020. The Netherlands based vfund is the main donor.



Thirteen years ago, Ilco and Michiel worked together for the very first time. With a very well-watched theatrical and informative TV programme, they put dance4life the Netherlands and South Africa on the map, and raised millions of euros for the fight against AIDS. 

They are incredibly motivated about the necessity behind the Liberty concerts and Liberty Talks:

“We want the younger generation to take over the torch from the freedom fighters of yesteryear. Peace and freedom are so under pressure again that we can no longer treat them indifferently and take them for granted.”

Ilco van der Linde

Ilco van der Linde (1963, the Netherlands) has always been driven by his passion to bring people together, regardless of colour, faith or cultural background. Music, art, media, events and informal education play a central role in all his campaigns. Millions of people are reached by the social causes he promotes. 

Ilco is the founder of the Dutch Liberation Festivals, with one million visitors, the largest thematic youth project in Europe. Ilco is also the (co) founder of the National Liberation Day Concert at the Amstel (yearly live TV-programme), dance4life (pushing back HIV/AIDS in 30 countries), and MasterPeace (peace-building campaign in 47 countries). He is granted the title Officer in the Congregation of Orange Nassau and received the UN Certificate of Recognition by UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-Moon for his innovative work. Download the full biography here.

“It’s all about creating heart connections”

Ilco van der Linde
Michiel Florusse

Michiel Florusse (1970, the Netherlands) has always known that his passion for theatre and his professional career as a director and creative communicator should be used to make a difference. He has learned that the impact of live performances can be incredible, and should be used to put things into motion. 

Michiel started his career as a creative in the event department of ‘John de Mol Produkties’ (nowadays ‘Endemol’, one of the biggest media companies worldwide). After this, he became an independent developer of creative live communication-concepts and organised many large-scale events. 

“My grandfather, Grandpa Sam, was my hero. He joined the Princess Irene Brigade that landed in Normandy in 1944. He risked his life for our freedom. There’s no better way to honour him than by handing over the incredibly important values of peace and freedom to the next generations, including my own son. This is my fight for freedom...”

Michiel Florusse


ds. Ruben van Zwieten (chair)

Reverend of the Zuidas and initiator of a house for encounters and inspiration; De Nieuwe Poort

ds Ruben van Zwieten is a pastor and entrepreneur, a public speaker, adviser at Goldschmeding Foundation and board member at VUMC Foundation and also member of the Monitoring Commissie Code Banken. He won the award for ‘Theoloog des Vaderlands’ (National Theologian) in 2013. The jury praised him for gaining a lot of media attention with his projects. Newspaper De Volkskrant called him one of the five most influential Dutch persons for the future

Ruben van Zwieten
Chantal Suissa-Runne

Currently programme manager of Nieuw Wij

Chantal Suissa-Runne (Netherlands, 1980) has founded various projects in the field of dialogue, conflict resolution, social resilience, interfaith efforts, youth empowerment, refugee initiatives and the prevention of radicalisation on the national and international level. She is the co-founder of several award-winning initiatives, such as “Getting to Know your Neighbors” in which thousands of students have met with the Jewish community in order to address prejudice and discrimination, in general, and anti-Semitism, in particular.

Chantal Suissa Runne
René Pit

Chief Financial Officer at Mondo Minerals

After his graduation in Business Economics at the Free University in Amsterdam, he started his professional career as an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers after which he joined Getronics in 1995 where he worked in such international roles as Financial Controller in Scandinavia and Finance Director EMEA. In 2003, he moved on as CFO at De Boer Tenten and, in 2006, as CFO at Solar | Glass Scheuten, which companies were both operating in Europe, the US as well as Asia.

Rene Pit

Board members work on cost allowance, without salaries.

Board of recommendation

The first members are on board, many more will follow.


Jan Peter Balkenende

Former Dutch Prime Minister

Yohan Byrde


General Wesley Clark

Former Chief Commander of the Allied Forces

Simon Gronowski

Holocaust survivor and author

Rudi Hemmes

Major General b.d,, Normandy veteran

Johnny de Mol

Actor, presenter, ambassador Forgotten Child Foundation and co-founder of Movement On The Ground

Tim Renner

Former CEO Universal Germany, Former Secretary of Culture of Berlin

Feike Sijbesma


Mr Jaap van Zweden

Director New York Philharmonic Orchestra



Armin Cerkez

Manager Liberty Talks

Bertus Holkema

Senior adviser

Frank van Hoorn


Alexander Kralisch

Berlin Advisor

Janneke Leerink

Online Communication

Axel Macro

Legal adviser

Clothilde Nicolle

Project manager Normandy

Charles Ruffolo


Elwin Stevelink

Project manager Berlin

Lyanca Verver

Manager operations

Frans de Vries

Producer Freedom Village

Audrey Willems

Office Manager

Powered by vfonds

Vfonds is the largest donor of the Liberty Concerts, Liberty Talks and the 75-year celebration of the liberation of Europa.

Annually, vfonds enables more than 200 special or innovating initiatives around the theme of Peace and Freedom. The fund aims to stimulate recognition and appreciation of veterans and the uniformed services. It also encourages people to strive for peace, democracy and international law and order.

With the following companies and organisations we’re developing partnerships and many more will follow.

City of Nijmegen
City of Ouistreham
Het PR Bureau
Iron Curtain
Aubergine IT
Bridge to Liberation
Bureau Buiten
Junior Chamber International
Liberation Route Europe
Veterans of Foreign Wars (USA)
MasterPeace Foundation
MasterPeace Bosnia / Croatia / Germany
Search for Common Ground
Student Hotels
Oak Grove Technologies
Hill & Ross
National World War II Memorial
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)