The idea

Celebration of 75 years of freedom

On June 6 2019, it will be exactly 75 years since those young soldiers set foot on Normandy beaches in France.

On that day, also known as "D-Day", they arrived from twelve different countries, ready to sacrifice their lives for peace and freedom. Many of these American, British, Canadian, French, but also Polish and Dutch soldiers had to pay for it with their lives. But thanks to them, D-Day was the beginning of the liberation of Europe and the fall of the Nazi dictatorship. We celebrate D-Day as the beginning of the liberation of Europe.

Now, 75 years later, we will begin the celebration of this special anniversary with a respectful opening ceremony in Normandy. On the eve of D-Day, looking at the beach, we remember how freedom was fought for exactly in this area, and how vulnerable peace is. Next year, we will follow the route of Europe’s liberation with Europe Remembers on Tour. Then, on May 8 2020, 75 years after the treaty that marked the end of the Second World War was signed, we will celebrate that now we live in peace with each other. We will celebrate freedom with an enchanting concert in Berlin.

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