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Liberty Concert Normandy
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On 6th June 2019, exactly 75 years after D-Day, we celebrate the liberation of Europe with the first Liberty Concert on Sword Beach (Ouistreham). This beach looks out over the sea where the fight for peace began. The concert starts with films, parachutists and stories about the landing. The stage is then handed to several international top artists and DJs. With the slogan ‘Fight for Freedom’ the 75,000 people present and the millions of viewers (via TV and streaming) are asked to stand up for peace, freedom and an inclusive society.


Liberty Concert Berlin
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On May 8th 2020, it will be exactly 75 years ago since the American, English, French, German and Russian armies signed an agreement to end the Second World War in Europe. The Liberty Concert in Berlin will honour this historic moment with performances by international top artists from all countries involved. This will be a celebration of peace and a call for action to build an open and inclusive society. Therefore, the stage will also welcome artists with a Syrian, African and Turkish background. In the evening, the world’s top DJs will turn the Liberty Concert into an amazing celebration of togetherness.