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From June 2019 (the Liberty Concert in Normandy) until December 2019, we call upon many thousands of young people worldwide to use their brainpower for freedom. We invite them to create solutions for the major social challenges of this era, including economic freedom & equality (and equal opportunities in the labour market), diversity & integration, migration & human rights, energy transition & the environment, and internet security & privacy. 

Together with schools, universities and theatres we organise local, small-scale Liberty Talks. Participants can share their one-minute-pitch on our site, and a jury of scientists, investors and journalists will select the most inspiring solutions, ideas and thoughts for the international Liberty Talks in Nijmegen (in the Netherlands). On 8 February 2020, one thousand young, smart and ultra-creative spirits will gather together from all corners of the world. The Liberty Talks will be formed by short, fast, 'TEDx style' speeches, but there are also musicians, dancers, film-makers, cartoonists, graphic artists and designers that will present their vision of the future. 

We expect that the Liberty Talks will provide hundreds of brilliant, new and concrete solutions, which will strengthen free, inclusive societies! And if this is actually the case, the Liberty Talks will continue to be held a long time after 2020.