Liberty Concerts and Europe Remembers on Tour are organised by the Dutch nonprofit foundation “Peace de Resistance”. This foundation works closely with the “75 Years Freedom Foundation” and the “Liberation Route Europe Foundation”. All relevant events will become highlights during the international 'Europe Remembers' campaign in 2019-2020. This initiative is supported by the vfonds (The Dutch National Fund for Peace, Freedom and Veteran Care).

  • The Founder

Michiel Florusse

“My grandfather Sam was my big hero. He was a member of the Princess Irene Brigade which landed in Normandy in 1944. He risked his life for our freedom. There is no better way to honour him than by transferring those incredibly important values of peace and freedom to the next generations, including my own son. This is my fight for peace ... "

Michiel Florusse (1970) has always known that he wanted to use his passion for theatre and his professional career as a director and creative communicator to make a difference. He knows that the impact of live performances can be overwhelming and that it should be used to put things into motion.

  • Board

Ruben van Zwieten (chairman)

He is a Pastor of De Nieuwe Poort in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district, a community centre for “reflection and meeting”.

Ruben van Zwieten is a preacher and entrepreneur, public speaker, adviser at Goldschmeding Foundation, board member at VUmc Foundation, and also member of the Banking Code Monitoring Committee. In 2013, he was awarded a title of 'the national theologian'. The jury praised him for gaining a lot of media attention with his projects. Newspaper De Volkskrant called him one of the five most influential people in the Netherlands for the future.

Chantal Suissa-Runne

Programme Manager position at Nieuw Wij.

Chantal Suissa-Runne (1980) has launched various projects in the areas of dialog, conflict resolution, social resilience, interfaith efforts, youth empowerment, refugee initiatives, and the prevention of radicalisation on the national and international level. She is the co-founder of several award-winning initiatives, such as “Getting to Know your Neighbours” in which thousands of students have met with the Jewish community in order to address prejudice and discrimination, in general, and anti- Semitism, in particular. 

  • Team 
  • Bertus Holkema - Senior adviser
  • Bas Kiepe - Security adviser 
  • Rob Ittman - Programme director
  • Janneke Leerink - Communication manager
  • Axel Macro - Legal adviser
  • Mark Nichols - America adviser
  • Charles Ruffolo - Sponsorship
  • Elwin Stevelink - Project manager, Berlin 


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