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Vfonds is the largest sponsor of liberty concerts and liberty discussions, as well as that of the celebration of 75 years of Europe liberation. 

Every year the vfonds makes possible more than two hundred special or innovative initiatives within the theme of Peace and Freedom. From the very beginning, they have committed themselves to recognition and appreciation of veterans and the men and women of the armed forces. In addition, they continue to encourage people to work for peace, democracy and maintaining international law. You can support the vfonds by becoming a friend. For more information, please visit their website: 

Committee of Recommendation

  • Jan Peter Balkenende - Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands
  • Yohan Byrde - Diplomat
  • General Wesley Clark - Former Supreme Commander of the Allied Army 
  • Simon Gronowski - Holocaust survivor and author
  • Rudi Hemmes - Major General, a Normandy veteran
  • Johnny de Mol - Actor, presenter, co-founder of Movement On The Ground
  • Tim Renner - Former CEO of Universal Germany, former secretary of culture of Berlin
  • Feike Sijbesma - CEO of Royal DSM
  • Jaap van Zweden - Conductor of New York Philharmonic Orchestra
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